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We are a month away from this year’s production, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The students have been working diligently in preparation for our three performances (including most of the actors and some of the crew taking a three-hour stage combat workshop with the president of Speech Theatre Association of NJ, Chuck Miller). This year we have added new layers in which the students have been able to participate. Both the graphic design and costuming classes are preparing items for the show. We have student marketing, makeup, and hair teams. The after school music production group, Life Music, is working on scene change music. With all those involved, there are almost 60 students between sixth and twelfth grades involved. That is almost a third of the whole upper school. The actual performances will be completely run by the students.

We have also added new people to our adult production staff, including:

Production Manager–Michael Wilkins

Set Designer–Bobby Parker

Graphic Design Consultant–Lina Navas

Make-Up Designer–Laura Ceresini

Concession Coordinator–Jennie Higginbotham

**Student Costume Designer and Costumer–Hannah Yeretzian**

Show dates are:

Friday, May 19th at 7pm

Saturday, May 20th at 11am and 3pm

Tickets are already available online at LCA’s BookTix page.

2016-2017 Auditions

Hello, everyone. This year’s production is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Auditions are set for Friday, October 21st. These are open auditions to the students of Life Center Academy who are in the upper division of the school. Performances will be held on Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th.

Click below for further information on characters, audition information, and more.

Character Profiles and Audition Info


“A Murder Is Announced” Rehearsal Schedule


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Scene Break Down

Act 1 Scene 1 pp.7-23

Act 1 Scene 2 pp. 24-37

Act 1 Scene 3 pp. 38-65

Act 2 Scene 1 pp.67-76

Act 2 Scene 2 pp. 77-90

Act 2 Scene 3 pp. 91-105



  1. Friday, January 8—read thru
  2. Thursday, January 14—Character work
  3. Friday, January 22—Act 1 Scene 1
  4. Friday, January 29—Act 1 Scene 2
  5. Friday, February 5—Act 1 Scene 3
  6. Friday, February 12—Act 1 Scene 3
  7. Friday, March 4—Act 2 Scene 1
  8. Tuesday, March 8—Act 2 Scene 2
  9. Tuesday, March 15—Act 2 Scene 3
  10. Tuesday, March 22—Run Act 1
  11. Friday, April 1—Run Act 1 (EVERYONE OFF BOOK)
  12. Tuesday, April 5—Run Act 2
  13. Friday, April 8—Run Act 2
  14. Tuesday, April 12—Run Act 1
  15. Friday, April 15—Run Act 2
  16. Friday, April 22—Run Show
  17. Friday, April 29—Run Show

TECH WEEK (mandatory)

  1. Monday, May 2—3-6pm Run Show
  2. Tuesday, May 3—3-6pm Run Show
  3. Thursday, May 5—3-7pm Run Show Twice (Full Tech) 


  1. Friday, May 6—3-4:30 work any tough spots; 4:30-5:30 break; 5:30 call; 6:30 house opens; 7:00 show starts
  2. Saturday, May 7—12:00 call; 1:30 house opens; 2:00 show starts

Download a copy here: Scenes and Schedule

Cast List for 2016 Spring Production


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This year, Images Theatre Club will be presenting Agatha Christie’s A Murder Is Announced as a part of an arts week in the spring. More information about tickets and the events for that week will be posted later. As for now, here is the cast for the main production:

Character                             Student

Letitia Blacklock                    Sabrina Cintron

Dora Bunner “Bunny”             Santy Boothe

Julia Simmons                        Nadia Guzman

Patrick Simmons                     Nathaniel Abiuso

Mitzi                                       Naomi Torres

Miss Marple                             Nyla Gumbs

Phillipa Haymes                       Aaniah Tanner-Barnes

Mrs. Swettenham                    Mary-Simone Collazo

Edmund Swettenham               Preston Spadaro

Inspector Craddock                  Charles Curtis-Thomas

Sergeant Mellors                      Anthony Kohan

There are other actors and scenes that will be a part of our festival weekend. Those scenes, actors, and student directors will be posted once all scenes have been cast.

International Thespian Society


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If you are interested in the International Thespian Society, you can check out the website or or see the complete PDF here Thespian Troupe Handbook

Those who received information about being inducted this year need to return their documents and dues by Friday, December 12, 2014 for this program to become effective at Life Center.

Remember that points are earned by doing excellent work: this includes, but is not limited to, attendance, tardiness, preparation, and performance. Absences are considered unexcused unless the student personally notifies Sister Brown at least a week in advance or there is a dire emergency (in which a parent/guardian must write a note explaining the emergency.) Doctor appointments, family visits, regular headaches, etc. are not considered emergencies. If a student wants to become a part of the International Thespian Society, he/she must earn the points to be inducted and earn the points to achieve higher levels of honor. You can keep track by using the documents below. Remember all points have to be approved by Sister Brown to count.

point record sheet

point system

The Scripts Arrived


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Okay, students. The scripts arrived. Please see Sister Brown for your copy. You can purchase your copy from the school for $10 or you can borrow a copy. For a borrowed copy, you must sign out your copy on a sheet that states that you will pay for any script you permanently mark ($10) or lose ($20–to cover replacement expenses).

We have a reading of the script this Friday, December 5th. All students are expected to attend the rehearsal.

Please make sure to bring your scripts to every rehearsal for which you are called. Let’s get started!