New director

Hello, everyone. In case you haven’t heard, I am no longer with LCA. You can find more information about me on my personal site or my artist page on Facebook. This site will remain up at least another year or so to allow people access to photos from past shows.

LCA’s Images Theatre Club is now under the direction of Gretchen Wilkins, in whom I have great confidence. Several of my former production team have stayed on to help her. This year’s production is Willy Wonka, JR. Mrs. Wilkins has the ability to post messages on this site; hopefully, you will see information about the upcoming show soon. Please welcome her wholeheartedly. She has a large task before her and has been doing an amazing job.

Seussical, JR. Tickets

Tickets are now available for Seussical, JR. at BookTix. This show will most likely sell out, so reserve your seat in advanced.

Performances are Friday, May 4 at 7pm (a part of LCA’s Art Night*) and Saturday, May 5 at 3:30. (There are 50 special discount tickets available for people who purchase Saturday show tickets along with FOLC Mother/Daughter Tea tickets. Contact Fountain of Life’s Life Kids for more information.)

Prices are the following: Adult–$10 and Student–$8. Ticket sales close at noon on Friday, May 4, 2018.

Any remaining seats will be sold at the door for the following prices: Adult–$12 and Student–$10. Doors open a half hour before each show.

*Check out LCA’s Art Night– 5:30 art gallery opening with light refreshments, 6pm elementary choir, 6:30 doors open for Seussical, JR., 7pm show begins

The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz/ Amazing Mayzie (Middle)



Sorry you can’t see my feet at the very beginning of the video. You start with the right foot for the step touch if you can’t see it. Don’t forget to use your RIGHT leg after the step touches to swivel into the pose facing the LEFT right before the side steps. (Hopefully that makes sense).

Monkey Around/ Chasing the Whos (Ending)




•Everyone who is off stage enters on the little instrumental section right after the Cat finishes the news report

•Use the first step to get into the line

•What side you turn so you are facing the Kangaroo on “and Sour Kangaroos”

•After you point to the Kangaroo, you do not turn your entire body, just your head, and you step with the leg closest to the audience (Stage LEFT LEFT foot, Stage RIGHT RIGHT foot) and point out towards the audience on “went Horton the elephant”

•Point on a diagonal upwards to the front on “Vlad Vladicov”

Monkey Around/ Chasing the Whos (Beginning)




•What side you come in from in the very beginning (EVERYONE STARTS TO THE LEFT!)

•After the “Ooooo” right before the snaps I added shoulders then a step to the right (with the left foot) to turn everyone towards the right side (We didn’t go over that in practice, it’s in the video)

•What side you go off stage for the step hop. (If you go to the LEFT you start with your LEFT foot. If you go to the RIGHT you start with your RIGHT foot)